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   Jul 03

Emperor Napoleon

At this time the French court etiquette court enjoined all use cosmetics, aromatic oils and perfumes. But only in the XVIII century spirits finally divided into men's and ladies. And in France, created a "dictator smell", a Rene. He was equally successful prepared and perfumes, and poisons. Catherine de 'Medici he just adored. Woman passionate and imperious, she regularly made the proverbial step from love to hate. Very convenient, first fragrance enchants, and then sent to the elegantly that light. Charles Margulis may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Later, in the nineteenth century, when the spirits were in fashion with a pungent odor, aroma magic actively used by women of easy virtue.

They used the scents of violet and lily of the valley, making the illusion of purity and neporochnosti.Odekolon Marie opened the Italian Giovanni Farina. In 1709 he settled in Cologne and perfume made the bench, where he first appeared, and the fragrant water. When in 1766 he died, his sons launched a whole perfume factory. Farina & Sons prepared their water on a grape alcohol highest quality, imported from Italy. Scented oils were also natural. Over the years, keeping in the cedar barrels particles impregnated with essential oils, alcohol, yielding a unique bouquet of the wine type. However, water from Cologne (ear de Cologne) so would have remained unknown to the world, if Napoleon had not enticed with the water and ordered her to deliver water from Germanii.Tualetnaya It should be noted that the Emperor Napoleon for one day translate to 12 liters of spirits. Emperor odikolonom rinsed every day from head to toe and everywhere ordered to burn with your favorite scent tablets blackcurrant.

In exile on St. Helena, when I finished cologne Emperor came up with its own flavor of the recipe with the addition of bergamot and gave him the name "toilet water", which has since become official. The smell varies throughout the day – the top notes will go in 1-2 minutes, the heart of the toilet water you will feel 2-4 hours later you will be accompanied by plume flavor. And all this time you should EDT pleasant surprise. All kinds of perfume products consist mainly of fragrant concentrate, alcohol and water, and differ in their proportional relationship. Sometimes, and in very small doses, add dyes and antioxidants, but the smell remains the same. On the vials with perfumes usually write: Parfum, Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette. The difference lies in the ratio concentration of aromatic oils and alcohols, respectively, in the persistence and intensity of flavor. The highest content of essential oils – from 20% to 30% in perfumes. This is followed by perfume water – from 10% to 20%, then Eau de Toilette – from 5% to 10%. That is why the price of the same flavor depends on the release form.

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