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   Mar 24

Elimination Direction

Here the concept of 'counter' reflects the tendency of the species in the direction of improving its quality through the elimination of predominantly low-grade populations. And intensity of the 'struggle' is that, as a rule, the number of eliminated individuals does not exceed the number of births – the intensity, which is determined by the pre-limit deviation from the equilibrium state of the system 'view-environment'. Reducing the quantitative level of forage species is also a deviation from the equilibrium state of the system 'type of environment is', but as a rule, this deviation is evanescent, ie, In this case, the number of eliminated population exceeds the number of births. The rate of development of the dialectical systems – (rate of occurrence of any natural processes) – is determined by the degree of intensity 'struggle' of opposites of these systems. Speed evolution of any species of animals, ultimately determined by the direction of its evolution, as namely the direction of evolution determines the degree of interdependence of the warring species, the activity level of their struggle and the thus the degree of intensity of natural selection.

For example, the type of victim, evolving towards perfection better fit against predators, being less intense natural selection, than the species evolving in the direction of less efficient appliances. Since in this case, it was the first type would be the main food supply for predators. And for the same reason, the evolution of predators will largely offsetting changes produced in their environment, the evolution of species-sacrifice with a less effective device. At a certain level of development form the victim with an effective and versatile device against all predator, the perfection of this device can reach a level where this form will be eliminated almost entirely to changes in populations of hereditary traits that reduce the level of sophistication of the devices.

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