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   Jan 22

Elective Candidates

Edson Silva If I was candidate the elective office I would not have the lesser doubt in opting to the poor persons, for the favored classrooms less. Before somebody thus thinks, already I say that it is not for this being great majority of any population in the world and therefore to mean bigger number of voters and each vote equal valley in the democracy. Also it would not be for being devoid people of everything, also of the hope or of instruction and therefore, who knows? , more susceptible to the beautiful speeches; to admire beautiful clothes; lined up hair or, who knows? , with some ostentation of campaign, that nor it needs to be sumptuous, if we are saying of who nothing or almost nothing it has. My option would be simply because helping most humble we are becoming better the whole world. If we educate; we offer jobs; health; culture; leisure; sports; security; we extend transports and accesses; we improve the condition of life of the most needed, offering habitation; infrastructure and dignity we are exerting the biggest form of love to the next we benefit to all the society. He is the employer having diligent more chemical preparations and made use, the industry and the commerce having more and more people to buy its products, at last something where all earn.

Somebody then will say, but necessary candidate of the rich ones to finance campaign It is a difficult question to deny, but if the work is sincere and come back toward I benefit generality, until this if it decides without bigger upheavals. If it does not need to promise nothing that will not be fulfilled when compromises in them in carrying through first what it will be of extreme urgency for the majority, later what it will be necessary for this majority and who knows before what we imagine we will be carrying through until what if it found impossible for the majority and, who knows? , pr all. I completely consider to be ideal a most devoid education serious politics for, leaving them conscientious that all have equal weight and values in the democratic election. In this way, they themselves would take the reins of the destination in the hands and they would not have doubts in the hour to discern wolves of lambs or joio of wheat. An old lesson and that it will not pass prayer that wise and new good prophets do not turn nor had heard of alive voice reserved the poor persons and bellwethers of the land. The same message left clearly that rich the biggest wealth of the humble majority does not leave what has to follow the way, already is in the heart and it does not have as to abandon.

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