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   Dec 10

Drug Delivery

In this case, the software integrates e-consultant with the automated system pharmacy. With this terminal the customer can independently find out more information about the medicinal product, its description and availability at the pharmacy to order and arrange delivery to your home or office. But we will not forget that the terminal – this is not a substitute for the pharmacist, and one more format information about products and pharmacies is another way of useful information terminals pokupki.Chem for the buyer: the ability to obtain full information about medications (not always a pharmacist / pharmacy have enough time to tell, for example, all the side effects); anonymous information on drugs and diseases (especially important when it comes to intimate problems), lack of queues, the lack of negative emotions (we're all human, all tired and nervous), Drug Delivery to any useful adresu.Chem terminals to the pharmacy: an increase in turnover, reduction of waiting time, resulting in an expert is able to fully advise the buyer an opportunity to reduce the number of consultants in the sales area (especially important if the daytime there are no buyers at a pharmacy and a consultant sits idle) to attract new visitors. If we talk about the shortcomings of e-consultants, for the buyer, they are likely to be associated with lack of knowledge about how to use information and trading terminals. Many clients of pharmacies, particularly the elderly, prefer to consult the "real" pharmacist or pharmacist. Chemist, decided to install a information terminal, you need to allocate a place where customers will be comfortable working with him and take care of the increasing load on the center of the goods. Progress does not stand still, and electronic Consultants are constantly improving. By the way, not only within (the interface software, a set of operations performed, etc.), but also externally. In the future, information booths will be part of the interior, their form and features must integrate harmoniously with the surroundings and be as convenient as possible for customers.

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