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   Oct 24

Digital Cameras

If you follow the appearance of new products from Nikon, you have probably read about the SLR digital camera, D60, which essentially is just a simple update more popular models of Nikon D40x. Looking at the photograph of the two DSLR, can hardly be see visual differences between them (Nikon D60 – right). But apart from cosmetic changes, new models are present, and technical improvements, which we describe below. As already mentioned, the difference in the design of cameras insignificant, but it can be seen if a closer look. Rubber boot viewfinder is more massive.

Metallic dial, not plastic, like a D40x, became more flat. A few words about technical improvements: Nikon D60 Kit valued at $ 750 (U.S.) for sale complete with lens AF-S DX VR NIKKOR. This lens is equipped with an entry-level Vibration Reduction VR. Zoom range – 18 to 55 mm (27-82,5 in 35-mm equivalent). Even in model D60 provides cleaning internal mechanism, Image Sensor Cleaning, whose existence can be recognized by a small animation on the screen when you turn on / off the FCC.

The third major improvement is the display, which displays information according to the rotation angle of the camera. If you rotate the dial, then at this moment the list of modes in the menu also scrolls. KEEPING worth noting feature Stop-Motion Movie, creates animated movies from a series of consecutive images. Just need to select first and last frames in a sequence of images. After a few seconds of camera you get the finished video. As a result, we can say that the updated child Nikon designed to those who have thought about purchasing model D40h, but not yet made his final choice. In this case, the digital SLR camera Nikon D60 is the best option to buy. Moreover, that the price of new items should not differ greatly from value D40x. Detailed specifications of these digital SLR cameras can be found on the official site of Nikon in Russia. Source:

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