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   Mar 02

Dental Implants

As every week, here is a selection of questions that receive Vitaldent via Office online and the responses of the specialists of Vitaldent. Hopefully you serve assistance. Dew ask the experts Vitaldent: good afternoon, this morning have extracted me a tooth in Vitaldent and I would like to know what care I have q to carry out. From the extraction not chiffon I’ve taken, I’ve been changing only by a clean. When take me it? (3 hours ago and still bleeds). What can I eat? Is going well ice cream? Thank you. Our specialists of clinical Vitaldent respond you: Hello dew, ice cream is phenomenal, keep in mind it is normal 48 hours have still bleeding will gradually decrease. In Vitaldent we advise something resting, not absolute, but avoid physical exertion, and medications that dentist Vitaldent has sent you.

Manuel asks us about the implants Vitaldent: Hello. Four years ago they put all the part above postiza subject with a few wires to a wheel that I had on each side mouth, as over time it has been assumed me one of the wheels, my question is if I get an implant in the wheel so I reattach the dentures. Thanks Vitaldent, replying on this question of implants: the possibility of putting or not implants depends on the quality of the bone (height and bone density). So it is essential that we can evaluate you in Vitaldent through the panoramic x-ray for free, only then we will see if that area of your mouth can or not put implants. Go to Vitaldent and you will evaluate. Best regards. Vitaldent experts receive the following query Ana: Hello Vitaldent, I have a tooth crooked bottom teeth and has bent more. In addition several teeth below are riding me, me tightens and hurts me.

What should I do? Good afternoon Ana, the first thing you should do is make an appointment at one of our clinics Vitaldent and thus to assess the cause of the dental movement since they may be several, since the wisdom being pushed out to cause pyorrhea, entailing that tooth mobility. Get close to a Vitaldent clinic you will evaluate without commitment through a free x-ray, and thus you will resolve the doubts you have. Best regards. Bernard writes to the experts at Vitaldent in his wife’s name: good, my wife is diabetic and suffers from halitosis. I would like to know what treatment you do and how many times has to go. Vitaldent responds: in Vitaldent we know that diabetes is a disorder that has as a side effect tendency to periodontal disease, which is usually one of the main causes of halitosis. You should receive dental care to control the plate of bacteria in the mouth and thus reduce periodontitis, halitosis, and risk of tooth loss. Only through the diagnosis of the Vitaldent clinic for being we will know the number of citations that are needed. Approaching with his wife by the nearest Vitaldent and we will attend you delighted.

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