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   Aug 02

Czech Republic

Summer and winter activities in the Czech Republic is a sledge slalom "beans Drach, a descent from the set rotations and levels of the metal which can be rolled down to one or two in a specially made for this road sled. Sleds are equipped with brake system and move on small wheels were accidents with people rolling around on the road, should be as attentive. To visit the Czech mountains and ride the sled simple means a lot to lose. Rental sleds available as in paragraphs hire, and would be cheaper to ask the office luge for guests at his boarding house owners, as a rule, they are available. How to understand the man in the street, places to ride on the usual sledging in mountains abound.

Organization of the winter holiday in the Czech Republic requires knowledge of recreation facilities, services and conditions for maximum enjoyment. Clients of our company are always satisfied provided from our side services as well as on our part are provided only proven options for recreation throughout the Czech Republic, audited hotels Czech Republic, as well as reservation service and booking tours to the Czech Republic. The highest mountain in the Czech Republic named Snowball, its height is 1,602 meters above sea level, it is located on the border of the Czech Republic and Poland. Here, the most extreme form of skiing, but since all the foothills when Snowball is a tourist area and a cost of living there is high compared with other regions of the Czech Republic.

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