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   Oct 13

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You will learn the Sauerland, Munsterland & co. from its most attractive sides know Westphalia one of the most popular bike regions is Germany. Get to know the most beautiful routes and discover centuries-old castles, romantic Munsterland or the steep slopes of the Sauerland. If you go by bike on tour, you can detour many right and left of the well-signposted cycling paths to the interesting destinations. The updated brochure “Itineraries for cyclists” for free at the German Youth Hostel Association, National Association of Westfalen-Lippe.

Find families, cyclists, or groups can now with the current edition of routes for cyclists”Westphalia-Lippe. The routes are divided regionally: to explore the Munsterland with its magnificent castles and castles, cycling in the Northern Sauerland on historic trade routes or enjoy in the Hochsauerland mountains and descents. The Ruhr area attracts with the route of industrial heritage – to discover the “cathedrals of work on shaft and cabin”. Who it savage like, is in East Westphalia, specifically, the right place in the Teutoburg Forest: romantic landscapes, the Hermann monument, open-air museums and the magic of the externsteine are just a few highlights. For the Westphalian heights route you must be already somewhat stronger pedals in the, but rewarded with the magnificent views of the beautiful uplands.

Routes for cyclists”lists the various regions with its attractions and of course also the corresponding paths – from the wellness bike trail in Eastern Westphalia, Germany up to the famous Euroroute R1. Also the references to the detailed maps giving it for free to the part are particularly useful. For your journey of discovery must not go to big tour. The youth hostels of the regional association of Westfalen-Lippe are ideal starting points for weekend or short trips. All 37 youth hostels in the Association are drawn from the ADFC as bicycle-friendly accommodation. The Association provides the updated brochure routes for cyclists”free available, you can request it by phone 02331/9514-0 or download under. The Service Center in Hagen advises also on other questions about tours or family or group holiday in youth hostels. (Simon Daragad)

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