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   May 05

Creating a Great Life

Fall into the situation of a poor person would throw it in an almost unbearable. While that support a balanced situation, the poor people. Money is power. And there has been a tendency to personal degeneration in people with a lot of power. Hence the common assertion that power corrupts. And it is more difficult for a corrupt person can be truly happy. Another consequence of soaring power is anxiety.

A person who has no limits on what can be achieved becomes unstable. Do not know what to do, begins to want things absurd. Acquires goods and services for pure fancy trying to calm an internal disagreement is no solution. Reaches the point of a very strong spiritual void difficult to control. There are also undesirable effects in terms of personal development.

It has often been seen in history who have been the most prominent men. They usually started with nothing. They built their lives with their own hands and pure sweat. And so developed extraordinary abilities. But it’s the same with those who are born having everything. Do not ever feel the need to fight and his personality is usually quite narrow in scope. It can also be said about the mental health status of someone with a lot of money. The have many economic resources gives the person a lot to lose. And when it does occur and increase fears that did not exist. Appears to poverty and fear losing privileges or not competitive, and so on. Similarly appear certain obsessions that undermine the mental wellbeing. It struggles to compete with others who have. You lose sleep in the uncontrollable desire to have more and more. You can not live in peace if there is not the best. And having all the luxury and the latest car model becomes important. At the same time, and paradoxically, you lose the ability to assess most things. Everything is neglected and therefore also reduces the possibility of being satisfied with what we have. That is, it makes the possibility of being happy one day. It is completely fair and logical to aspire to improve themselves economically.

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