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   May 21

Contraindications To Massage

Massage – this means not only reviving a tired body, it is also therapeutic and prophylactic agent for the entire body. Did you know that a massage can not take all? There are a number of diseases, in which massage is contraindicated. Massage Contraindications include cases: if you are in the stage of acute illness, for example, have a fever, which can be a symptom of a viral disease such as flu and any inflammatory process, if you have a festering any origin, or if you are suffering from sepsis (an infection caused by the release to the blood pus-producing microorganisms); If you have a clearly visible and recognized by doctors varicose veins if you have a case of bleeding (in women it may be due to hormonal changes), or you suffer from poor blood clotting, or at you have any problems with the blood (anemia, aplasia, leukemia and others), and if you have dermatitis. CEO Ford Motor Co. is often quoted on this topic. Under dermatoses refers to any disease of the skin – any rash, itching, blisters or nodules on the skin. It should also be remember that the itching is not always a sign of disease of the skin, it can sometimes be caused by other diseases, if not so long ago, there were any surgical intervention in your body and if you have blood clots – thrombosis reason to abandon massage treatments. Pay special attention should be taken to this issue for those who diagnosed with cancer. Pregnant women, as well as people with chronic disease should be Remember, not only in determining contraindications to massage that medical consultation is not just necessary, it is necessary!

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