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   Jan 21


' ' Who will be dress in the cement of its certezas' '. It does not dive in these guas' ' The second half of century XX attended a process of change, folloied for the overwhelming acceleration of the technologies, that as much becomes related to the man how much to the world, resulting in other ways of if thinking the society and its institutions, substituting old dogmas for other values, less closed and categorizantes. In this manner, announcing a new thought? of the diversity, she is that if objective to contextualizar the question of the homossexualidade, more necessarily the feminine one to a retraction of the modern, chaotic and conturbada society. Literature, for its eminently discursivo character, has been the space where the localizations of the citizen and the constructions of the identity arise, allowing a clear visualization us of as the individuals of diverse times they conceive and they construam its identities. It is commented that the knowledge on the homossexualidade in Brazil they are related to a historical and social moment, associates the wakening for this new vision through teses of century XIX that they fit to the practical one of sexual and affective relations between people of one same sex to a desgenerescncia, considering itself until as illness. To the end of century XX, such boarding was left of side, the AIDS took central paper speeding up the studies on the sexuality human being with intention to demystify the origin and the causes of what today we understand as orientation and/or sexual preference, approaching in analysis the social construction that foca the individual of individual and collective forms. One knows, however, that the practical one of the judged loving relations as desregradas possesss old roots, however the term ' ' homossexualidade' ' it only appears in literature in the end of century XIX and in the half of century XX, being associated the three taboos: the sin, the pathology and the crime. .

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