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   Aug 10

Conjunct Of The Heart

The words of this conjunct aim at to feed the consolidation of the new reality of peace, love and light in the planet Land. I request to all vocs that divulges this conjunct, so that the people who not yet are part of this ‘ ‘ Circle of Love and Light of the Divina’ Mother; ‘ the Children of the Land can also participate of this work, praying conscientiously for the rise of the conscience of all. Conjunct of the Heart I open my heart for the new reality that the life offers to me. I open my heart and enxergo a new world and a new humanity. Beings that if they love shine to my front. The fraternity is disclosed to each action, to each step.

The light shines sovereign through the semblante of each being. The love gushes out uninterruptedly of its hearts. Its transparent hands are pure light. The light that touches and rescues the perfection. Its feet roam the fertile land softly.

the land returns to the affection disclosing the abundance of its colors. The mind creates, the heart feeds, the action consolidates one peace planet. The sun heats, air brightens up, the land shines life for the soft bath of crystalline waters. Everything is light, peace, perfection! This is the world that I long for to inhabit. The world whose souvenir hangs in the deep one of my being. The world of where I came and toward which I want to come back. The world that today shares with me its secret. The world that whispers in my ears the premncia that I have of in it diving. The world that if shows me through palpitar of each heart. The world of the truth. The world where all illusion was dissolved. The world that if alicera in the force of the love. The world that does not recognize differences. The world that is town for an only nation, the nation of the Children of the Light. Children who walk sovereign for the Blue Planet. The world that rescues its history through the history of each one of its inhabitants. The Children of the Light who if recognize and that they express total gratitude. Gratitude for the holy ghost learning that returned to all the direction of the life. The life that is only full when the heart traces the north disclosing the unit that it ends the separation. Today, finally, I am the Son of God who express to the virtues of the Father.

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