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   Jun 30

Colon Health

You’ve probably heard the dramatic phrase death begins in the Colon, it is really very strong, but I must say that is almost literally true that statement, and this is what we are going to change for your well-being. Many prominent practitioners of the healing arts believe that all disease begins in the colon, in our case we’re going to focus on the problem of acne. The essential assumption is inadequate peristalsis years lead to the accumulation of toxins in thin and thick intestines. These deposits of toxins coming from digestion, preventing the proper absorption of nutrients from digestion of foods. In addition these toxins can enter the bloodstream through the multitude of gastrointestinal blood vessels and then begin to produce wide range of symptoms that reflect us health problems.

All these harmful substances that are in excess are going to find a way out of our body and thus are manifesting various diseases; at the level of the skin leads to dry eczema with the consequent appearance of cracks in the skin becoming parched and with lack of freshness or oily skin, acne, boils, moist eczema, pustules. Now, if all these manifestations of disease, in our case of acne in their various forms, are the way that our body react, defend themselves, to say that something is good, more logical would find the true cause of all these problems instead of wanting to silence the voice of our body trying to eliminate the symptoms. This is precisely one of the lessons that you will receive with the e-book ending with Acne, you learn to listen to your body and you to help heal by itself, because he is trained, has all defense and self-repair mechanisms to overcome any illness, including acne, which always count with adequate means to do so. I know that many people do not believe in these statements, in fact considered completely normal to have a single evacuation per day, due to the common people have that same intestinal pace of her life not knowing really serious in such a situation. I can tell you that I do believe in them and it is one of the bases for my acne treatment program.

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