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   Jul 11

CO2 Binding Climate & Environmental

Innovative approaches of carbon storage in the discussion the debate about the right way to an environmentally sustainable economy and society not only is updated daily since Fukushima. To achieve this objective, the latte is high: ecologically sustainable, economically profitable and socially responsible nothing less than the squaring of the circle seems to target the global society of the future. Which way to continue here? The year’s climate dialogue takes up the fundamental question of the Gesellschaft fur internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the Association for economic and environmental (VWU), as emitted carbon dioxide can be bound again sustainably. What is the potential in the binding of CO2? We are interested in innovative approaches of natural or technical nature, which could make a significant contribution to international climate protection. Three current approaches will be presented as examples: which controversially discussed CCS technology (carbon capture and storage), whose testing the Federal Government in April 2011 has passed a draft law is currently advised in the Bundestag, the CO2 certificate trading and CO2 compensation through international reforestation projects, and the use of naturally produced black earth, “Terra Preta”, the CO2 effectively binds components in the ground. How these approaches can be solutions for tomorrow, will be discussed at June 20, 2011, 18-21 in Mainz with experts on the podium.

During a subsequent reception offered a contact and information exchange. The Panel discussion is an event in the series”climate dialogue, performs the regional centre Hesse/Rhineland-Palatinate of GIZ in cooperation with the Association for economy and the environment since 2007 in Rhineland-Palatinate. The events contact companies of the region, politics, science and the public, to promote the Exchange on current issues of climate change, and to address the role of the regional economy in the implementation of climate change objectives. Contact: VWU e.V. Guido Dahm-NEDA-man-str.

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