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   Nov 03


So therefore becomes important to attend classes in those subjects in which continuity in all lessons is absolutely necessary. Losing a single session can mean loss of the common thread between the various topics and a huge difficulty to be subsequently updated. In addition, when the program in which you are enrolled is face-to-face, attendance is mandatory and in some cases one of the factors that are taken into account for the final grades. Hold a channel open with the teacher. We refer to the advantage of having a fluid communication with teachers to present the consultations that are held inside and outside of the classroom. Most teaching professionals allow their students to know their phone number and all give your e-mail in order that these options are used to raise and resolve concerns that may arise. The teacher gives this possibility if reasonably use it as a means to clarify what is confusing or to give to know the research advances or propose new ways of seeing a theme. Keep a channel open with the teachers create, also a healthy and fruitful relationship, which useful not only for students but for the professional future will be when already in the stage inserted in the working world.At that time it will be very important recommendation, and the first impulse of who knows what from a stage as important as it is the classroom.

Have adequate sources to investigate. We are living, by fortune, times in which access to the information has become democratized and today is within the reach of the majority of people either that is the geographical location in which is located. Small towns and cities the paragraphs had a huge disadvantage because previously the updated texts, journals and documents with the latest developments in the world of knowledge took years to reach and sometimes they could be accessed when the information they contained was outdated.

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