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   Jan 27

Chronic Dreams

The dreams are our perpetual friends. Signal of that we are livings creature for the life and that we want something of better justifies that it. They become softer, less dense, less tense, gladder, hopeful walked ours. After all We always dream a dream that benefits in them! Or not? Our closer desires if carry through through them That they continue alone ours We only divide them when and with who we want. With nobody more. Through the dreams we reach the heights, in we feel them happy, pretty, intelligent, loved well, healthful How many desires lulled to sleep in one to want without end. How many dreams we dream waked up, waiting the sleep that teima in not coming, giving time to us enough so that let us reach clouds, leaving to imagine us it that if possible it was It would be so good! In determined moments of our life, when everything seems distant, unreal, it comes the dream helping in them, supporting them there. in them we grasp it so which shipwrecks astray.

It becomes our safe small boat lives, in a illuminated ocean to the light of the moon. The dreams take in them in return to the past, for more distant than it is. It makes us to reviver, becomes us children other time. It makes with that our life it is not so only a postcard, in which they are static pieces of lived times. Dreams are ready seeds to germinate. We fit to make with that everything happens. Are images reflected in the mirror, showing to us the good quo will be if It has that to dare itself to transform the dreams into reality and conferiz them it the light of life! It does not have limits for the dream. That it is small or great has that to dare itself to dream, therefore it is the best way that exists to reach the way of the happiness, that with it initiates. I dreamed that I was I dreamed that I had conquered I dreamed that I dreamed that we My bigger dream is to obtain My dream of always is to be always in Everything this makes part of the life of sonhador, of the human being, sonhadores that we are. ‘ ‘ The future belongs to those that believe the beauty of its sonhos’ ‘. Eleanor Roosevelt.

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