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   May 27

Child’s Room

"Mom, look, I'm in the house!" – Hear a triumphant scream. Fifteen minutes ago, suddenly disappeared pillows and blankets from her chair – and here is where. Baby, intently sniffing, fashioned a "" under the table and now, proud of their own work, calling to admire his creation. Any items and objects that surround the child – is an inexhaustible source of imagination and discovery that helps to understand the wider world. Therefore, the children's room should be distinguished by its accomplishment of the "adults". In general and in detail the interior of the child should be based on the development of a game situation. In a small age child should be able to build something, thinking the, fantasies, break, and then build again.

In a more adult, this room becomes a place of privacy and personal freedom. In contrast to the master bedroom, which is the center of the family apartment or a house, children can be found almost anywhere. Typically, when a child is small, its located next to the parents' bedroom or bathroom governess. The opposite situation arises when a child becomes teenager. The desire for independence comes to the fore, and all the old virtues turn into solid disabilities. At the same time begin to feel uncomfortable, not only children but also parents. The demographic situation in family, professional activities, the frequency of entertaining parents and children, hobbies, and interests of the child – are just a small part of the factors affecting the new location for teenage room.

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