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   Nov 08


The uncertainty becomes the unique latent bow and chapters cannot be closed. It is as if somebody took the leaf of a book and we could not continue with history. I believe that the delay is much more violent that the duel. It has hope in which some of the disappeared ones conserves the life? Of the cases from 1996 to the 2005 there has been no a single case in that the daughter returns with life. Nevertheless through the years the disappearance causes have changed. Now one knows that they kidnap to the children for prostitution.

Although I hope that they are with life, I believe that they lose brings back to consciousness of those who was, the things that happen to them are so strong that I feel that they escape of themselves and they never return. But the yearning of which their parents can embrace them again it always happens through my mind in each one of the cases. The hope is the lie but great of the world, nevertheless it is but the emotionally logical one in these times. It says that it wishes that the material hits with the spectator of an almost biological form. It obtains how it? For me he was very strong to go to touch a door and to present/display to me. It did not want to disturb the mothers and it tries to be but respectful and near the possible thing. The relation with them occurred very of a very strange way: suddenly they tried to me as if outside an old friend of their daughter and showed photos to me, letters, clothes and the absent person were the unique one I tie between the mothers and I. Each one of the images have a love history very hard, are simply things, but simultaneously they are the unique evidence of which her daughter existed, I believe that to that I talk about with bacteriological agents, that people can be approached that moment of love and lost.

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