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   Nov 04

Burger King

While they wait the signal, they observe what it has its return. In peak schedules, the billboard presents much effectiveness, therefore they are the schedules that the people search something to feed itself and any idea can immediately be well accepted. Presenting the linguistic messages of the following mark, it can be noticed that the image is economic. We soon have in the center of the image and the slogan of the mark: to Burger King, people make of its jeito. In it I sing right superior: Aqui you encontra. Below it is the logomarca of the Health-resort Camboriu Shopping.

To the speech of the plastic messages and its significaes (icnico), we have diversity sufficiently. The announcement searchs to save the colors, and the element that more is distinguished is the illustration of the main sandwich of the net, where the colors most alive are of vegetables. In the remain, the predominant color blue, is considered calmante and the inductive one. The photo of the product meets extended in it sings left, with alive colors the product presents characteristics of the traditional sandwich of fast food, with traces of greasy food, however with a pleasant appearance. Although little healthful ingredients, the photograph passed a tempting image to the public. The light, the focus and the too much factors of the photograph, created properly for influence, make with that the hunger if immediately reveals after to see the image. The logomarca, called blue spiral, follows the model that we know as of quality stamp, exemplificando a guarantee of service for the customers. The mark also consolidates in a fluid form, with rounded off lines and combination between the colors yellow, blue and red. The yellow makes a symbology to one hamburger, where the filling is the proper name of the mark. The yellow is very used to if to deal with foods and still can be related with the proper name of the mark.

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