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   Dec 22

Budget Estimation

Heard just struck me, even going to the store we'll compile a list of required products with the estimated budget, or counting your monthly expenses, we know about how much will cost us gas, water and electricity this month. Dan Ariely: the source for more info. Why, with the objectives of the whole year is all up to the contrary. Do not be afraid to set goals – you should see what you're going! Sometimes it happens that a person does something, tries to imagine something fails, but when it turns out, for what all is happening – it's not what he wanted. It is also very important to set a date. This desire, as I'll soon be learning English – not appropriate. Necessary to determine exactly when the course starts in English, how much it will cost and whether it is convenient for you the time of employment.

And one more important thing about the goals – you need to know exactly how you will achieve the desired goal. If this is a trip that long sitting in your head – you just need to decide when and how much you will be able to go, how much it will cost you. Next trick – find convenient ticket or voucher, develop a route and go! This situation with the plans in the business. If you are running a company – to decide what you would like to achieve in the new year. Analyze the situation, if the goal is attainable within a given Company – go for it – if not, consider whether it is possible to achieve this goal in another company. This is YOUR goal, but it is much more important to you than the company's goals. One evening, my husband returned from work very disappointed, and the reason was there to what: it works great for a long time, according to our Irish standards, the company.

But only now he realized that no matter what position you held no – you're only part of this huge mechanism. If something happens to health, some kind of family problem and you leave the company – this mechanism continues to work! And the company is not important, as there was your destiny, whether you have left the health problems and decided whether you are their family difficulties – the business works as before! Silent situation is different if you have your own business. Here, too, it is important to set goals and no less important to define the ways to achieve. Sit quietly, think about the goal, make a plan, providing all the details. As the practice – life makes its own adjustments, but it is best if these adjustments will change your plans than life, these plans will build it for you! Do not hesitate to build for the future. Let it be ambitious, though slightly exaggerated, albeit modest, but actually desirable. It's your plans! What could be more important! I sincerely wish you good luck! Natalia Mezhov

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