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   Mar 23

Brenes Communities

Gallegos refers in this dialogue, that the modern mind has already become an obstacle for the development of consciousness holistic in the 20th century, while acknowledging that it had its positive aspects, as it was the end of slavery, the emergency democracy; But today it has become something limiting because it is leading to a deep dehumanization and an ecological insensitivity that leads to a destruction of life on Earth, since the modern mind has become predatory life by its scientistic reductionism. He says that we need a new vision of the world, a vision of a holistic nature, i.e. integral. We need a new awareness, but not modern or postmodern, but transmodern. Gallegos said that his work points to a trascendencia of modernity and materialism as movement of the 1960s tried it? s in his time. Abelardo Brenes says that we must go beyond the individualismo and reach the interest in social transformation.

The subject of the education of the heart, both in reading and in person meetings have been enriching in my work and teaching and; Since it has made me clear that in any field should be communities of coexistence, of love, of friendship, of reflection; and schools learning communities are holistas. In the holistic educational environment, learning communities relate to educational fields comprehensive and collaborative with the participation of significant mutual learning among teachers, students, parents and administrative, with the goal of these communities being workers, learning, creating a diversity. One might think that teachers have the task create communities from our classrooms as space educational integral, but I learned and I practiced, that we must first create communities to the interior of our family, so go in scale and reach to the classroom and with the experience in our own family, being able to create that room inside the classroom with a harmony that the student can be really happy and remove the notion that school is similar to a factory of linear processes.

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