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   Dec 19

Brazil Garbage

The proper man, the catador of garbage is fit in this group. In as the group of the microvectors, they are the worms, bacteria, fungos, actinomicetes and virus, being this last of bigger importance epidemiologist for being pathogenic e, therefore, harmful to the man. Of that it is played outside daily in the garbage, at least 35% could recycled or be reused and others 35%, to be transformed into organic seasonings. But the problem is not, properly, the characteristic of the produced garbage, today in the great urban centers, but the given destination it. Many of these materials can be reaproveitados or recycled, thus diminishing, the enormous mountains formed in the lixes of the city and consequentemente, the degradation of the environment.

The existence of the lixes, associates to the poverty of the population, makes with that many people reached for the unemployment changed themselves into catadores of garbage, where removes its survival daily. However, the collection of reciclvel material is, many times, the only source of income of the catadores. In Brazil the carroceiros exist or catadores of paper, that live of the sales of sucatas, papers, aluminum and other substances you recycle left in the garbage. They also work in the collection or classification of the materials for the recycling. As it is a laborious, weighed and dirty service, she does not have great attractive power for the qualified slices but of the population. Thus, for many of people that works in the recycling (in special the ones that they have little formal education), recycling is one of the only alternatives to gain sustenance. In this direction, in accordance with depositions of catadores, the contract for a company to separate the material that will be collected for the recycling, do not exist no type of fiscalization and the recycling companies explore the workmanship hand. However in virtue of its necessities the catadores all handle the garbage without any type of protection, are without gloves, mask or appropriate vestimentos, being citizens I twirl it type of illness.

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