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   Feb 20

Borje Borjesson

Virtual Aarhus after Oslo empty elevators, walking competition finished bike racks and crowded sports groups are just a few symptoms of tappa fever is spreading in the company. Daily catch new employees. Afraid they enjoy yet or because of excellent health. The cause is the TappLauf”. It’s called again on October 8, 2010: on the pedometer, ready, go! The goal is to take a daily 10,000 steps and in 63 days Oslo achieving virtually of course. By the way: The Germans go 5,000 steps on average on the day.

Almost inconspicuous the tappa pedometer counts every step. Morning set, collect the entire day of diligent steps and the results evening register on the tappa website. With many sporting activities you can snag even extra steps. With the back as the kilometers, participants on a map virtual move to Oslo. All are interconnected via the Internet, compare their progress on the basis of Top lists and share your successes in the Forum. Arrived at the destination, waiting for already a fancy degree and the chance to win a travel voucher. By Sweden spreads on the tappa fever up to Norway, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, of Switzerland, Australia and New Zealand.

In 2005, Borje Borjesson in Varberg has launched the TappLauf in life. For about two years now German companies can participate on the TappLauf occurring twice in the year and together with the Lubeck company conduct their own walking competitions in for their employees. Interested companies can register with their employees from two persons until October 5, 2010 for the TappLauf. Registration and further information, see Tappalauf. Katrin Koltzsch (

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