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   Feb 12

Blacksmith Moraes CRP

For Geofilho psychologist Blacksmith Moraes CRP-12/10.011 Date 16 of September of 2011 As I understand the Boarding Centered in the Person: presenting the basic beddings of the psycotherapy developed for Carl Rogers In this article I present the theoretical recital that I use in the psychological atendimentos that I carry through, either actual or online, the ACP: Boarding Centered in the Person. I use this boarding as a theory that guides my interventions as psychologist, but not read with theories as absolute truths, therefore I understand that theories are systemize forms that studious create to understand and to explain one definitive phenomenon. It is important to remember that, all theory is questionable and passvel of changes, the word key for me of the knowledge is ' ' mudanas' ' , the possibility to move is that it makes possible the magnifying of the knowledge, the crystallization of theories is that it hinders in them to know the phenomenon as this if presents, therefore understands the world under the fenomenolgico point of view. Credit: actress-2011. As it said previously, not read with theories as ' ' truths absolutas' ' , I chose to work with the boarding developed for Carl Rogers for having similar thoughts to the ones of this author. I do not adopt the rogeriano therapeutic adjective, therefore he seems that who if calls or is called rogeriano, freudiano, etc., they want to give or they pass the impression of that they think accurately as these authors. I do not think accurately as Carl Rogers, I use its beddings to guide my learning to develop and me as psychologist in accordance with my experience of life. Click CEO Ford Motor Co. to learn more. Whenever to write on the ACP I speak of the same one without comparing it with other boardings, as already I read some authors to make this dispute between psychoanalysis and the ACP. To say of theory or the B, she is not necessary to menosprezar the form as each one of these has to understand the psychological phenomenon, thinks that these theories search to help the people to understand its sufferings. .

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