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   Apr 16

Biological Issues

One of the seen techniques of Foucault more in the media is when the citizen-mother uses this communication channel to enunciate – as maternity example, speaking on itself exactly and of as it modified it to the maternity potencializou, it (e.g. Celebrity trainer has many thoughts on the issue. Xuxa, Anglica, Cssia Eller, Vera Fischer). In such a way, the media compels the individual to reflect on the device of the maternity, ' ' salvando' ' the behaviors and attitudes of the example of mother in its net of significaes in order to guarantee an infantile development without damages in the future, with its son. 1.1.2 PREGNANCY According to Ferrari and cols. (2007) apud Aulagnier (1990): … the gestation would have to be considered in two levels? the biological one and of the object relation.

The biological plan mentions the slow transformation to it of the cell in human being. How much to the object relation, this cell is represented, since its principle, for the imagined body that it precedes and it folloies the child. … ' ' … Thus, in the measure where the gestation if develops, goes if processing, in the psiquismo of the mother, a preparation to enter in relation with the child who is for being born.

… ' '. (FERRARI and cols. 2007, p.306 apud AULAGNIER, 1994; LEBOVICI, 1987; STERN, 1997, STERN & cols. 1999). In if treating to the level biological, or better, of the physiological modifications ' ' sentidas' ' (grifo ours for the pregnant found in academic literature of Health (OAK, 200), we have: increase of the cardiac frequency (palpitations can occur); more difficult, dispnia breath; reduction of the peristaltismo (intestinais movements to facilitate the expulsion of excrements), being able to cause nauseas, constipation (arrest of womb) and pirose (azia); increase of the urinria frequency; possible appearance of estrias (breasts, abdome, ndegas), spots (that they disappear the pregnancy after), increase in the sweat and greater oleosidade in the skin; alterations in the blood as rise in the number of leukocytes, reduction of hemcias (anemia); change of the center of gravity (balance) and in it marches, relaxation of the pubiana region; increase of weight (normal: kg enters 8 more than the 16 the weight daily pay-gravdico, generally of 9 the 12 kg); emotional labilidade and irritability (fruit of hormonais alterations); blackout of the vagina; alterations in the breasts as: increase of the sensitivity of the breasts, being able to present colostro from 2 month, blackout and increase of arolas, appearance of small rises (sebceas glands for lubrication) and blackout and erection of the mamilos.

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