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   Mar 10

Bicentennial Card

Already feels the excitement and joy that awaken the upcoming celebrations of the bicentennial of the independence of Mexico. But beyond the pomp of the multitudinous celebrations, there are many those who invite you to live the bicentennial as an opportunity to renew our spirits and our pride of being Mexican. That’s why WorldKindnessCard wants to contribute to this great celebration putting available free for all Mexicans the card of the world kindness, a message of peace, well-being and health that is changing the lives of thousands of people around the world with some of the best tips to live and feel better. The World Kindness card was made from an international survey to discover the 19 secrets to have more energy, feel healthier and gain more free time. Those who followed these simple tips they felt best 46%, 36% healthier and have saved an average of 9.2 hours a week (478 hours per year). This bicentenary offers us to look inward to identify all what takes away energy and consumes our time. The World Kindness card, a non-profit project, wants to celebrate the bicentennial of the independence of Mexico putting your grain of sand towards a New Mexico full of people living more healthy and happy lives. See what is visiting card of the world kindness.

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