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   Feb 21

Beauty and Skin

The feelings it reminds gentle stroking of his hand. As a result of this now "dance of water droplets, we obtain a smooth, soft, clean, like a baby skin. According to cosmetologists Academy, the procedure for its pleasantness are very fond of not only women but also men. But such delicate skin peeled open to the whole world and therefore all the negative external factors have on it special effects. So the next step – it moisturize your skin and nourish beneficial substances.

For this purpose, collagen sheets. Protein collagen cosmetic absolutely indispensable thing, because it has property to absorb water is thirty times greater than the weight itself. In addition, the collagen – a building material for connective tissue in the body, so it not only moisturizes the skin from the inside, but also supports and tones. Collagen do lists are very similar to thick blotting paper. These are the sheets and are used by specialists of the Academy of Beauty. Once cleaned the face of pollution and the stratum corneum by ultrasound, collagen sheet put on the skin and activate a special lotion. Collagen begins to absorb water and nutrients from the lotion, and then itself absorbed into the skin, carrying a humidifier. In addition, it helps more a special procedure, called phonophoresis. Official site: Pharmative. Using the same ultrasound machine is now not removed from the skin that it is not necessary, but on the contrary, deliver all the required material directly into the skin. Spatula which made peeling, turn, and now the sound vibrations "stuff" deep into the pores of those substances which are necessary for the skin to again become young and beautiful.

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