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   Feb 15

Balanced Diet

What are the famous calories? The energy contained in a food calorie is called, and which acts as fuel for our body.When we are burning calories, we are consuming that fuel that gives us the necessary energy to live.So if you want to lose weight, for example, there is a formula that must be met: the amount of calories that enter your body must be less than the amount your body spends in a given (eg time. in a day). Dr. Alberto Cormillot examples: 500 grs. body fat represent 3500 cal. Therefore it is needed to lose 3500 calories, if you want to download 500 grams (1/2 Kg) weight. Conversely, if you want to increase 1/2 Kg, must eat food containing 3500 cal, at a certain time. Example 1: If eat a sandwich extra a day, upgrading 250 cal (knowing that 3500 CAL.

generate Kg body fat) are how long it takes to increase weight Kg? Answer: 3500 cal/250cal = 14 days i.e. If you upgrading 250 cal extras (each day), for 14 days, come to have 3500 cal extras, i.e. Kg more. Example 2: If you can burn about 100 extra calories a day, walking half an hour (in moments in which it did not usually), and do this 5 days a week how much weight lose in 7 weeks? Answer: 100 cal.x 5 days = 500 cal per week 500 CAL. per week x 7 weeks = 3500 cal. And as we saw previously that 3500 calories represent approximately 500 grs. body fat, these 7 weeks entonces(de acuerdo a este ejemplo)’ve lost Kg weight, simply walking 30 minutes extra to the dia(5 dias a la semana).

Vale clarify that you lost body fat and not muscle!This is the correct way to lose weight, healthy, well-balanced, that is eliminating the surplus of fat including improving muscle tone. It is then take a balanced diet and avoid a sedentary lifestyle, lack of movement, and bad habits of daily life so accelerated (no exercise, eat poorly). It is good to make changes in a balanced manner incorporating new, healthy habits, and enjoy it, in this way, if we have proof enough, after a while, what seemed unthinkable at other times, now will do it in a natural way, that is pleasant to us. For more information, visit a balanced diet, there you will find free E-Book of diets with their daily menus,(no son dietas milagrosas) and tips on balanced diet.

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