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   Mar 06

Athletics World Cup

Appear to the sporting highlight of the year 2009 in Berlin for the World Championships kicks off commemorative for the sport (pdn) in a few days in Berlin 2009. To this sporting event, there are four commemorative gold and silver of the German Athletics Federation DLV in addition to the already published German 10-euro coin. With the purchase of each issue marked by the Munze Berlin under the auspices of the DLV, collectors and enthusiasts with a euro support the promotion of youth sports projects. Soon we see again the German colours of black, red and gold flags, car pennants or colorful makeup in the faces of countless World Cup fans. Germany has the biggest sporting event of the year the world from 15 to 23 August 2009. For the second time after the World Championships in Stuttgart in 1993, the World Athletics Championships will take place this year on German soil. And the pictures of the football World Cup summer tale 2006 before eyes who will agree with Dr. Clemens Prokop. The DLV-chef recently declared: you are happy themselves on a feast of athletics. In the Olympic Stadium, 500,000 viewers will provide for a great atmosphere during the nine-day event, with over one million fans on the marathon and race Walker routes in the city”. Not to mention viewing”countless viewers prior to the TVs at home or the public. The international importance of the 12th World Championships in athletics has moved to the Federal Republic to work out an official 10-euro silver coin in 2009. Come out one of the most beautiful sports coins ever with a dynamic powerful Javelin thrower set against the backdrop of the Berlin Olympic Stadium is undisputed. Flanked and to a unique collection of German silver coin are complemented now by four more, officially authorized the DLV precious metal coins, whose symbolic value behind the 10-euro coin in nothing. There are the three silver commemorative issues, which underline the importance of the World Championships for Berlin, Germany, and the whole sports world first. “The commemorative coinage hero of athletics” (999 / 1000) run shows the various sports disciplines in highest dynamics, jump and throw on the example of specifically mentioned German gold medals legends Ulrike Meyfarth, Armin Hary, and Klaus Wolfermann. The two other silver commemorative honoring the World Cup host city of Berlin, with the appearance of a relay race against well known landmark of the capital (999 / 1000) and the Olympic Stadium with the crowned Berlin bear front (333 / 1000). The gold commemorative coinage may crowning the German commemorative history of the World Championships”are showing a discus thrower before the world ball. The Gold Edition (585 / 1000) dictated with the circulation of the official collection of the DLV to Edition strictly limited to 15,000 copies. Because even if the silver Editions achieve a higher single Edition, there will be naturally also only 15,000 copies of a unique collection with all five editions in the official presentation tape of the DLV. Lovers should check out so hurry up. Details can be found by clicking Gunnar Peterson or emailing the administrator. The common reverse of commemorative coins symbolises charity, associated with the acquisition of the DLV’s official spending. The 1-euro-motif in the Centre is surrounded by the motto 1 euro for the sport”. Thus each owner of such output proves itself as a supporter of youth sports, such as nationwide school season projects of the DLV. All commemorative were in the highest quality of the impression PP (Polierte Platte”) by the renowned coin Berlin marked and can be obtained through the following authorized allocation body: MDM coin Handelsgesellschaft mbH German coin, Tel. (0180) 577 33 80 (14 cent / min) or dlv-2009

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