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   Oct 13

Ashtanga Vinyasa

True, if you do yoga occasionally coming in a fitness club or yoga studio, you can, in principle, be used for public purposes, and mat. How long mat to choose? We specialized mats have several standard lengths: 173-175 cm, 183-185 cm or longer – see 200-220 The most demanded mats length 183-185 cm, since they have the optimal size. An example of such a pad is a mat for yoga "Asan>>. If you have a large enough growth or practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga with forwarding of the body, then maybe you should buy mat length of 200-220 centimeters. Longest mat – is "Ashtanga>> 220 cm, and there are mats at 200 cm: Rishikesh>>, Surya OM>>.

Yogamaty 170-175 cm long, usually more inexpensive and can also successfully used in yoga. The main thing that you are at 2 / 3 of your body fits on it. These include yoga mats Beginner>>, yoga mats Bradex>>. What is the width of the pad is needed? Usually, yoga mats have a width of 60 cm that most people is enough. Darcy Stacom has much to offer in this field. If your constitution requires greater width, you can purchase yogamat 80 cm wide where the choice is between a rug "Rishikesh>>, Yogin Special>> or yoga mats Yogin Extra>>. A leading source for info: Darcy Stacom. What should be the thickness rug? The thickness of the rug is from 3 to 6 mm. Mat thickness of 4,5-6 mm. creates a soft and comfortable conditions for the practice, as well as fewer misses the cold from the floor, which is important when performing Shavasana and during long meditation.

But in sometimes too soft mat may be a hindrance in practice, because when engaging in such contact with the floor mat would be rather weak, it will not allow you to feel good to your body. Most soft rugs are the "Gang>> and" Lotus>>. Along with the environmentally-friendly rugs rugs made from standard materials, there are the so-called "eco-mat>> or" ekomaty>>. This mat is usually made either from all-natural materials ("Samurai>> Samurai Ultra>>" Shiva>>), or with the addition of natural fibers (for example, "Jute>>). Such ekomaty well suited for those who prefer to use in their practices environmentally friendly materials. What kind of care required for a rug? Usually, yoga mats covered with a special grease to separate them in storage. Therefore, before practice, new carpet should be washed with soap and water or washed in a washing machine, for reduce sliding on it. There are exceptions – a mat of natural materials that do not require any pretreatment. The extent of pollution pad can be washed in soapy water or wash in the machine that increase its "stickiness>>. How to store the mat? Keep yoga mats can be folded. And the need to turn off the underside of the inside, otherwise the edges over time begin to curl upward. If you add a rug, then with time will furrow, and rubber in these areas will quickly fade. We wish you a conscious and good practice!

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