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   May 03

Approved Specialist Vitamin Complex

Everyone knows that every body needs a whole range of nutrients that improve the serviceability of all vital systems, which in turn is the basis for the health of everyone. To date, the market Pharmaceutical literally littered with vitamins, but that does not mean that you can each day without thinking to take vitamins and you will feel better. Medical scientists argue that a balanced diet and healthy way of life of the body receives the vitamins and minerals in sufficient quantities for normal functioning. The role of vitamins in each of our lives are certainly very important, but here it is necessary to draw attention to a number of certain factors that determine the rate of supplementation of certain vitamins. For those people who have bad habits, there is an increased need for vitamins B1, B6, B12, provitamin A, vitamin C and other types of vitamins and minerals. People who use alcohol, be aware that the amount of vitamin B6 in their organisms are very small, and the daily intake of bananas in the diet will help to fill the missing amount of vitamins. Meanwhile, who is undergoing treatment with antibiotics, or use other honey.

Medications should be taken into account that the intake of some honey. drugs can adversely show up on the process of entering into the body of vitamins or their assimilation. So, for example, an antibiotic capable to absorb the vitamins B and C, Analgesic drugs – folic acid and vitamins C and hypnotics preparatysposobny "to press" B vitamins should also not be forget that the excessive use of vitamins can lead to hypervitaminosis which is also a cause of serious human diseases. This all proves once again that the vitamins and minerals, which are constantly needs of the modern human body, should be taken in a clearly defined quantity. In order to choose the right vitamin complex, it is best to see a doctor who can give you a lot of useful boards and set your individual daily rate of receiving the necessary vitamins required group. Include in your daily diet of more fruits and healthy food, and your body will thank you!

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