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   Feb 13

Analytical Act

To speak of analytical Act it is good for remembering that Freud already used of the term agieren that it can mean to act, to practise an action. But how much to the transference in the analysis it would be an update, a repetition of a previous action, a stage, that would come in the place of what it cannot be recollected or be elaborated. The acted repetition, in the place of the word, all in case that, is not repetition of identical, what it leads in them to the failed character of the act, therefore never reencontra the original condition, the first one, that the repetition of an act would aim at to restitute. We are in the dimension of what out was nominated later as acting. Acting out points, under the form of one to act, with respect to an imperfection of simbolizao in the history of the citizen. However, in the measure where it is told to the analyst, it has as objective a decipher, a reading of the unconscious text in the point where it needs a symbolic recognition through the word.

One is not about incompetence of the analyst, but one I appeal to its listening. To the times, the analyst if makes a mistake how much what it he is being demanded. I consecrate to the analytical act the instrument through which, something radically new can be constituted. To pass to the analytical act, does not have nothing to see with the corporal sacrifices or some practical suicidal that we attend today. It is not to blow up a bomb together with, but it exactly means to get rid itself of it. Who passes of analyzing for analyst it makes, it crossed for one to know that it allows not to be itself paralyzed or despaired ahead of the inexorable one of what the citizen is as object for the Other.

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