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   Oct 13

Amalia Nouche Duval

Do you know?, so I lost everything for fear of a failure that is announced every day with your scorn. Was a pity me wrong and good it was to disguise it, but waiting for a new love me years passed with the time I knew it had roses and carnations in your Garden, sent many letters that no longer could count is to a non-existent recipient, I received many calls from unknown numbers you know why? because you were mine and I yours, but they separated us the stars, the differences, the interest and why: we are now two boats sailing aimlessly in the middle of the ocean and pronouncing will our names, in silence, so that the other can not hear it. To broaden your perception, visit Senator From Kentucky. Despite that, I will never write: you have been my love. With the fifth, Alfredo, returned to happen, again nothing I will leave me, this sentiment flows nothing I want to save. That night you were beautiful, arranged and seductive, my husband has been set. I didn’t want to admit it, but happened and I was surprised the two kissing you hidden from that truth, believed to be me.

It was clear, he had wounds and I only know them cure, as I am not a doctor, with the life that I did wrong. I’m sorry, because you know, I caught the pistols, in my bag I was them, you I accompanied to the car which was waiting for me my assistant to midnight. The your body was so that nobody knew I, collection lives, don’t take pills, will the grain and do not wear life of worm. Beautiful flower of spring, my husband I said that you went with the dawn. Then he separated from him, because he felt the penalty kill him he had poor health. But as murderous or righteous, as you think, Amalia Nouche Duval had his tactics, and always before you kill, eats her three apples, it is the fruit of sin and there to savour, but you don’t need them because he has already killed so that leaves him alone.

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