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   Apr 29

Action on Mental Health

SUMMARY the mental health is a challenge to the professional of nursing in the basic attention. The actions in this field are of great importance to the society, and mainly to the users of the system, being thus, it fits to the nurse of the public health to guide these actions. Ahead of this question, the present study it objectified to identify the actions of the work of the nurse in the promotion of the health related to the patients with mental upheavals of the city of Colatina/ES. A theoretical research proceeding from bibliographical references was developed that contextualize information related to the mental health and the paper of the nurse ahead of the reality of the psychic upheavals. One research of field with qualitative boarding with nurses of the Strategies Health of Family – ESF of the city, which had been interviewed for attainment of information on the work of these inside of the actions in mental health, for posteriore work analysis. Through interviews, they had been pointed the great difficulties found for the professional nurse in what it says respect, the assistance given to the patients with mental upheavals of its communities.

It is concluded that the assistance given to the users of the public net of Colatina is needing adjustments, front to the national politics of mental health, and aiming of formative works in mental health, for the professionals of the ESF. The attention to the carrier of psychic illness is an immense field to be explored by the profession of the nursing, that cannot be guided exclusively by the scientific knowledge, but also by the devotion, innovation, responsibility and persistence in the art of taking care of. Word-key: Mental health, Promotion of the Health, Nurse in the Primary Attention. INTRODUCTION the Mental Health must be dealt with extreme importance enters the professionals of the health and for the society.

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