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   Mar 29

A Healthy Marriage

How does one keep their marriage healthy and strong? How to make sure that our man ever felt for us the interest and attraction? As to be able to build our relationship to always remain in the role of women, which is constantly conquering, they want to please her and call her admiration and respect? How to make so as to remain always a unique and desirable, while able to be yourself, but also to feel the significance of her man? The main thing that is understood – is that men suffer can not, when behind them running around. They “do not carry on the spirit” when a woman begins to cling to them, monitor and try to behave like a “commander in a skirt” (we’re talking about normal guys, not effeminate, extremely rare found, for instance). Even women hard to communicate with these ladies, but what can we say a man who himself wants to win, delight, telling her various funny stories to please, give gifts, call first and brag about their exploits when he was not busy and could easily communicate. Normal man wants to conquer a woman and feel that it is he wins it, making efforts and trying to please her. Normal guy wants to feel like a man, a hunter, not the victim, fleeing with all his snares of Concerned Women. Learn how to call a man in his constant feeling of interest and desire to somehow make you happy, do for you something nice, interesting story to laugh or brag their exploits – then you become a man for big game, he will win in the lifelong learning.

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