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   Oct 24

The Perfectly

But all this soon end. By the end of this trimester, it becomes easier to breathe, reduce heartburn, because child falls in the pelvic area, and pressure on adjacent organs become smaller. Psychological side. Woman is already accustomed to permanent shocks child. They are an indivisible whole, and any pregnant woman understands and accepts. Virtually […]

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   Oct 23


It avoids cepillarte with hard nylon bristles, better chooses a brush of natural bristles. You never throw of your hair while you comb yourself. It avoids to use hats in regular form, since when doing you restrict it the sanguineous flow and oxygen to the hairy leather, causing fallen of hair. It avoids to use […]

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   Oct 13

Ashtanga Vinyasa

True, if you do yoga occasionally coming in a fitness club or yoga studio, you can, in principle, be used for public purposes, and mat. How long mat to choose? We specialized mats have several standard lengths: 173-175 cm, 183-185 cm or longer – see 200-220 The most demanded mats length 183-185 cm, since they […]

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