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   Jan 06

Private Health Insurance Companies

Private health insurance companies compare their policyholders before every shot. So also the insured should a comparison of their private health insurance car undergo PKV comparison – the “compare private health insurance” is called in the Einzellnen, a car price comparison, alike in making performance comparison for private health insurance PKV contribution comparison and a […]

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   Jan 04

September Pharmacies

Mail-order pharmacies, have the same range as normal pharmacies but often to up to 50% cheaper. To buy the drugs about the cash bonus program directions, an additional price advantage arises. Jena, December 4, 2008 – winter is cold time. Often, the whole family of disease is affected and the pharmacy Bill the budget more […]

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   Jan 02

Spirulina – Healthy Small Spiral

Spirulina is a very special nutritional supplements. Is this more specifically to cyanobacteria, that stand out for their very valuable ingredients. The shape of spirulina gave her the name and this small spirals have it in themselves. They contain many vitamins and fatty acids, which play a very important role in our body. We must […]

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